PMA Australia-New Zealand

Fresh Republic developed the app for the PMA Australia-NZ Fresh Connections event held in Sydney from the 11-13 June. It was custom designed to complement the conference style and agenda. The fact that the app was web-based meant that any late changes made in the app administration (CMS) were automatically synced with the app, providing delegates with up-to-date information throughout the event. The app was available on both Android and iOS devides and was built to respond to various screen sizes. A selected preview of the app functionality is detailed below.

Login screen

Each user had to create a username and password before using the app. This enabled conference organisers to track user uptake and also enable the easy submission of feedback and questions.

Home screen

Customised 'buttons' were created to provide for easy navigation through the app


This screen enabled delegates to see a 'snapshot' of the day's schedule, including start time, session name and location.

Program Detail

This screen provided extra detail for the session, including the synopsis, location, speaker (link to in-app speaker profile), sponsor (link to in-app sponsor profile), and an option for the delegate to submit a question during the session, or fill out a feedback form.


A searchable screen (similar to that used for exhibitors, sponsors, and delegates) which included the ability to add a logo, sponsor's name, and sponsor type.

Sponsor Detail

As with the exhibitor pages, this allowed for text to be included about the sponsor, such as contact details (including name, phone numbers and address) and a link back to the session that they were sponsoring.


Another example of a searchable screen layout, this time with photos, instead of logos.

Speaker Detail

This utilised the same layout as the sponsor pages but included more body detail and less contact detail (to protect the speaker's privacy).

Ask a question

This was an option provided in the session detail to allow delegates to submit a question to the speaker. As soon as the question was submitted it was sent to the chairperson to ask during question time.


At the end of each session delegates were encouraged to submit feedback. This data was then collated in the CMS and provided as a report to the organisers at the end of the conference.

Scan QR Code

As part of our package, we provided the event organisers with the ability to 'print' name badges for each delegate with their own unique QR code. The QR code contained contact details for that delegate. During the conference delegates were encouraged to scan each other's QR codes so that their contact information could automatically be imported into their phone address books (as an alternative to handing out business cards)

News items and push notifications

We created a news module for the app (editable through the CMS) to provide delegates with daily updates. Throughout the conference the organisers also had the ability to send 'push notifications' to delegate's phones in order to advise them of late changes or important news. Delegates were prompted to opt in or out of notifications upon signing up to the app.